Face Mask Information




Prior to first use, it is recommended that you wash your mask.  I recommend hand washing, or washing the mask in a mesh/lingerie bag.  You may want to remove the elastic loops before you wash it.  Elastic can be re-inserted into the casing using a safety pin or bobby pin.

Each loop of elastic has a loose knot in the end.  If the loops do not feel snug enough as is, you can undo the knot and retie it so that the loops are tighter.  Once the mask is snug enough, pull the knots tight.  After that, you can slide the loop around so that the knot is inside the mask’s casing.  If you need to make the loops significantly smaller, you may want to trim the elastic after knotting.  When trimming elastic, leave a minimum of 1/2 inch length of elastic beyond the knot.  To prevent the end of the elastic from fraying, a dab of nail polish or fray check brushed over the end will help to seal the edges.


Get Your Own Face Mask!

Need your own face mask?  In my order form below, you can view information about how you can order your own made-to-order face mask in the fabric, style and size of your choice. 

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Please note, my order form does collecting shipping information, however this is not retained once your order is complete!

Face Masks + Dance ‘ Tees

Dance ‘N Tees has graciously allowed me to provide ready-made masks in all 3 of their Chicagoland locations.  I am also offering pickup of made-to-order masks in these locations.  If you would like to place an order to be picked up at Dance ‘N Tees, where the form asks for your shipping information, please indicated “pick up at _____Dance ‘N Tees” and fill in the blank with the location you would like to pick them up.  For “best place to reach you” please leave a phone number that our employees can call to let you know when your mask is ready to be picked up.  I am dropping off masks on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Schaumburg location.  Masks heading to Crystal Lake or Naperville should arrive on the following Friday, barring any issues with the store’s regular transfer schedule.

Ready-To-Ship Masks