About Me

Hi everyone!  I’m Mandy, the owner and creator at the Lime Green Sewing Room.  My husband, toddler, 2 cats and I call the Chicago suburbs home.  I have a wide variety of hobbies that I squeeze into whatever free time I can find.  I can often be found playing World of Warcraft or Animal Crossing.  I enjoy taking ballet class for fun.  I’ve fallen down the Happy Planner rabbit hole and spend far too much time putting stickers on a glorified to-do list.  I volunteer as a moderator on a once-popular forum site.  I also work part-time at a dancewear shop, where I do everything from ring people up, to fitting people in dance shoes (including pointe shoes), to tech support, to creating designs for the shop’s owner to screenprint onto sportswear.

About The Shops

The Lime Green Sewing Room officially started in June 2016, when, at my husband’s encouragement, I finally registered myself as a business aimed at selling bags and other things I’ve sewn.  I’m terrible at naming things, so the name came from the fact that my office/sewing room is painted a bright lime green color.  How clever of me!  Thankfully I’m better at other creative pursuits outside of naming things.

What started out as just a small Etsy shop has grown to include a few other design outlets.  In addition to creating handcrafted sewn items, I also have a RedBubble shop featuring print-on-demand items, and I’m working on developing a print-on-demand fabric line through Spoonflower, as well as a line of planner printables.


About The Site

After running the shop a few years, I finally felt like the time was right to purchase the domain name to match my Etsy shop and get things moving here.  While the Lime Green Sewing Room is the name of my Esty shop, it’s also the name of the space where I spend a good deal of time.  This website, therefore, will not only feature my finished sewing products.  It will feature my other digital designs created on the computer that lives in my Lime Green Sewing room, as well as other content related to the pieces I create, the tools I use to create, and whatever other random lifestyle content I’m motivated to tell you about on any given day.